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About us

Zarri Honey Farm of Ambra Grossi

Hi, I’m Ambra, the young entrepreneur owner of this honey farm that deals mostly with the production of different varieties of honey. My family has been producing honey for four generations and over the years we have refined and increased our production technics. Since I was a little girl I’ve lived in close contact with bees, first discovering their little world as a game, then as a subject of study and now for work. I’ve always pursued my studies in the fields of agronomy and zootechnic: from high school ‘til university, where I recently earned a specialist degree with the highest grade in Safety and Quality in Livestock Production (University of Bologna-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine).



Thanks to many courses of sensory analysis, I’ve acquired the essential skills to identify and recognize different kinds of honey. I always keep me up to date on the latest news about beekeeping in order to offer a better service to the customers and to the bees.To give always the best and to operate in a more ethical way I’ve already begun to transform my company into a biological honey farm. Besides, in the company, the entire honey production-line takes place under my supervision and my coworkers’: from the breeding and the “bee management” ‘til the honey extraction and the product-packaging.



 My business policy is to pursue the honey’s quality avoiding every kind of heat treatment, in order to guarantee a natural honey in all its characteristics. The sold honey is not simply a food but it’s followed by a divulgation about the bee-world and the beekeeping and the sensory characteristics of the product, that are the results of my work and of my personal experience. So it’s not only a matter of selling, we care about divulgation and customers’ contact with the world of the beekeeping, that is so close to us, but not well known yet.