The honey

Why choose honey?

001-It’s the ultimate natural product, without any particular human transformation or manipulation

-It’s a highly energetic food, easily digestible

-It’s less caloric than sugar (310 cal/100g of honey vs 400 cal/100g of sugar)

-It has a higher sweetening power than sugar (you need less to sweeten more)

002-Honey it’s a nutraceutical, which means that it allows us to keep us healthy and it has a preventing protection action

-It has a bactericidal and antimicrobial action, soothing, decongestant, moisturizing, energizing; it helps the scarring process, it contains enzymes that prevent from the dangerous free radicals (protection from the oxidative stress), and in addition to this, some of its components help the DNA repair process.

Honey it’s a food for everyone, for its characteristics it’s highly recommended for athletes, elderly people, sick people, for whom is suffering from physical deterioration and for children.