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Ambra’s honey


My honey is produced with a particular regard on quality, every product has its own unique and distinctive characteristics (like flavouring, taste, smell and colour).

Our honeys are:

Acacia honey Bio: delicate, with a hint of vanilla and sugar candy

Chestnut honey Bio: intense and pungent Linden honey: fresh, mentholated and balsamic

Coriander honey Bio: sweet, exotic and aromatic

Multi-flower honey Bio: with sunflower and Lucerne

prodotti-1My business policy is to avoid every kind of heat treatment and permit the natural honey’s crystallization, in order not to damage the product in any way. That means that in summer you’ll find all the honey, just extracted from the honeycombs, at the fluid stage, but with the temperature drop they will tend to solidify (except for acacia and chestnut honeys, that will remain naturally fluid). This granular thickening it’s a regular physical-chemical phenome dued to the deposition of the honey’s sugar caused by the decrease of the temperatures.


So, keep in mind, crystallization is a synonym of genuineness!


Naturally produced by the bees, releases a delicate smell of honey and fresh wax. By us you can find it raw or hand-worked in candles. It’s very good for making your home smell heavenly, for artisanal manufacturing and for the creation of wonderful natural cosmetics.


004-2-cestaPackaging and gift baskets

At Christmas time and on request (anniversaries, birthdays,…) we prepare jars of honey in a single-pack or gift baskets with our bee-keeping products, excellent gifts for your loved ones, made unique by the genuineness of the products and the bound with the local territories.

Let’s surprise your loved ones with a unique and (at the same time) useful gift!


002-1Party favors

On request we prepare sweet edible party favors containing honey and other bee-keeping products, handcrafted and unique for celebrating with style and naturalness the best occasions of your life.